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Perhaps never in our global history have we been faced with such a stealth plague as the intracellular infections (bugs like gram negative bacteria and protozoa) that get into the cells themselves, and cause such a wide array of symptoms.

But there is a great body of researchers and practitioners and well minded citizenry who recognize this threat, and are making major advances in educating the public, and progress in scientific findings toward testing, management and cures.

Many now call these illnesses " vector borne infections". They are indeed passed by domestic animals and could be passed by insects, as well as person to person. The majority of people bit by a tick, will also get a co-infection, particularly bartonella (cat scratch disease), and babesia (a protozoa like malaria).

Thus, while the Lyme Community often says "tick borne" - this is an error. Vector means any thing, or any one - who can carry an infection and pass it to another. The HIV/AIDS epidemic was carried by the human vector. All new research points to the fact that this new LYME COMPLEX as we will call it, is carried by a multitude of vectors, making it all the more widespread. Bartonella can be passed by fleas, by spiders, mites and possibly by mosquitos. Borrelia (Lyme) can be passed by sex and within the womb to the new borne child.

This blog will address nutrition and Lyme Complex. Many of the ideas and stories are personal, having family members touched by this plague and only wishing to demonstrate just how important nutrition and life style are with these illnesses. Each Sunday I will publish a piece about Lyme and nutrition, in the hopes that it can be helpful to the many people suffering from these illnesses.

Angela Berry-Koch, MSc

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