Our food should be our medicine ...
and for our medicine, we should use our food. 
- Hippocrates 

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"If we address illness with the same spirit as we approach health, we can overcome any disease."

Cristina Curto, MD 

Herbal Medicine

Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Empowerment

Why is nutrition so important with intracellular (within cells) infections?


Lyme (Borrelia) is a gram negative bacteria. n infection. It is wide spread now all over the world vector borne bacteria which occupies the cells of persons of all ages, and could be the most influential epidemic our many societies everywhere have encountered in history. 

The majority of people will never know they have it. They may be a walking time bomb until a crisis hits - an accident, surgery, childbirth, high emotional stress, or any major illness such with bartonella (cat scratch disease) or virus but many people will have mild symptoms that will be diagnosed as something else. And symptoms may or may not be controlled. 

This site is for those who do not have mild symptoms, but are suffering and in need of strong and smart direction to overcome the health challenges they face. Many people will be suffering extreme malnutrition without knowing it. They also may have vitamin and mineral deficiencies that effect hormones, effect vascular and muscle as well as the nervous system, in general. This site is being created to help people on their journey of recovering from Lyme and co infections from a nutritional perspective.   


Now that we know that Lyme found all over the world now, however it is more than a bacteria. Lyme is a teacher. This illness is so widespread and so varied in the way that it can change our bodies, our perception, and our life force.


I have spent the last decade of my life learning from this noble bug, and learning to humble my knowledge and perspective on health totally.  a whole series of inflammatory illness. This is an educational site only. My goal is to educate people (particularly those with intracellular infections) on ways to use nutrition, food and supplements to better their health, and overcome their illness. 

The education sessions are to empower you with knowledge only. I do not prescribe or diagnose, although I may suggest you going to someone who can. 


I specialize in infection related nutrient deficiency diseases, mast cell activation, hormonal and immune modulation and reducing damage from intracellular infections.- especially leaky gut. All educational material is free and given from a food and nutrition perspective

There are no fees or dues, although donations are always welcome.  I can provide individual counseling support where needed but the emphasis is on education and allowing people to heal themselves.  




You can use this information for 
improving your own health and those of any family and friends, clients, 
and your local politicians. (yes, we have a sense of humor). 

My Bio. Masters in Science in Human Nutrition from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Twenty years as senior nutritionist for UNHCR serving refugees, and ten years as OCHA and UNICEF emergency officer for disaster victims. The last ten years, I have been a free lance researcher in areas of Lyme and Coinfections, neuroinflammatory disease, and immunity from a nutrition perspective. 



Some friends say....

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"Angela was instrumental in helping my adult son overcome many complex health challenges. She advises on diet, on supplements, on testing for better diagnosis. She goes the extra mile and cares deeply about her clients".  Karen D.

" Angela has a very comprehensive knowledge of complex health conditions and an understanding of root causes - very effective use of nutrition and natural means for healing. She is compassionate and very knowledgeable."  Catherine Milner, BS, MS, MFT.


Magic Island is Florianopolis, a resort island off the Southern coast of Brazil, and is where I now live. If you wish to visit for a healing vacation, be welcome!

Tel/Wats. +55 48 99 140 0022   or nutritionforce.angela@gmail.com 

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